8 Important SEO Tips For WordPress Blogs

WordPress websites are self-optimized in many ways. A WordPress site ranks well in SEO compared with others in Search engines. Below, I have jotted a few points to help your WordPress site do well on search engines.

SEO Tips For WordPress

1. Make the ‘Page name’ permalink structuring:

The default permalink setting of a WordPress page is ‘Post id’. Change this default to make it ‘Post name‘. To do this, log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the settings on the left-hand side. After changing the permalink settings to the post name, you can also arrange the structure as category/name of the page’.

  • Optimizing the content and Text for Search engine results: The content should be rich texts. The body of the article /post should have good quality matter with better keywords.
  • The title of the page should have relevant keywords related to the content. The title of the page should be search-friendly, as the title will be used as the permalink.
  • Also, use the ‘Headspace’ WordPress plugin. Implementing the headspace helps you optimize your title and description, which is more search engine-friendly.

2. Optimizing your WordPress template:

  • Add a ‘Breadcrumbs’ to the WordPress blog template. This will not only help the visitors, but it will also help search engines know your site better. The Better your template and rank your web pages properly.
  • Make sure your WordPress codes should be clean. A clean coding will help your site load fast and better SE standards.

3. Use Less number of WordPress Plugins:

  • Try not to use more than 10 plugins for your site because the more plugins you will use, the site load time will increase. Use All In One SEO plugin as this plugin does almost everything you need for SEO.
  • Create an XML site map: Creating a site map helps you inform the search engine about the site updates. Make sure you use an XML type of site map.
  • Must Use WordPress plugins:- Meta Robots, SEO Friendly image, SEO Title Tag, SEO Post Links, and few more plugins.

4. Interlink between The Post:

  • Interlinking is the most important way of telling Google about the topic of your site. The internal links also help you get more page views across your website. Ensure the linked article is very similar, as visitors will not like to open the relevant link.

5. Republish the Old post:

  • Once your post is around 5 or 6 months old, just open it and republish it. This will give a new life to your old post. New visitors who have not come across these old posts might find something worth reading also. Make sure to leave a permalink alone for the authorized purpose.

6. Optimize Post Image:

  • Images play an important role in SEO at present, and people like your content if you have nice photos in it. Make use of tools like Flickr can help you find images related to your image.
  • Make sure you are using an image with an image title and ALT text that describes the image and the article content.

7. Use Keywords Within an article:

To get into the top search engine ranking, make sure you use the keywords within the article, and the major keywords should be made Bold. Also, use the major keywords of the page in the article many times and make sure don’t use them too much as this will lead to keyword stuffing.

8. Enable Trackbacks:

Trackbacks help create links in the comment section when anyone comments on your blog. With this method, more links are encouraged, which results in building your website’s authority. Once you are considered an authority site, you will get higher ranks more easily.

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